IDAKK License (IDAKK1.0)

IDAKK Licensing

All work on this site is protected by the Intrinsic Database Archive Kreiner Klassification. This is loosely based off of the Creative Commons 3.0 License. Anything stated explicitly in the IDAKK Accords overrides CC3.0 restrictions, bar those that are set in law, state or federal.

IDAKK is explicitly a United States accords. IDAKK is to remain followed in other countries, except those where IDAKK conflicts with country or provisional governmental laws.

All work posted on this website belongs immediately to the website holder. However, the website holder MUST relinquish control over work posted if the original author/artist wishes to remove their work from the site. Any work on the site may be cross-posted onto other sites with a link at the bottom of the pasted area in the following format. This must be large enough for those who are visually-impaired to see.

[URL TO ORIGINAL PAGE | AUTHOR NAME (if known) | DATE (if known)

You are free to: Share — to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, if cited correctly. Adapt — remix, edit, and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially (with permission of the original author).

You must indicate whether or not you edited or changed the material, in some way visible by those who see the work.

Posting to this site relinquishes personal control over any work posted, in any way legally, or monetarily. The author/artists are free to exploit your work commercially and give permissions to others to do the same. Copyright laws are not usable in any scenarios involving a site protected by IDAKK.

Posting to this site any work means that you acknowledge the IDAKK license and accept it.